Thursday, March 18, 2010


Lately I've been into "repurposing" items around the house. Instead of throwing out an unwanted item I've tried to find another use for it hanks to some ideas from Martha Stewart, Real Simple, and Pottery Barn. Maybe you will be inspired to repurpose instead of throwing out. Or feel free to bring your discarded items to me and I'll find something to do with them. : )

Before: 3/4 length sleeve shirt with collar

After: short sleeve shirt w/out collar that Evelyn can wear

Before: skirt I no longer could wear

After: Dress that Evelyn can wear

Before: Another old shirt of mine

After: Short sleeve shirt that Evelyn can wear. Fits more like a tunic and cute with leggings.

No "before" picture but it was a skirt of mine. Turned it into a dress and embellished it with handmade "flowers"

Before it was a brown frame with out a piece of glass. I strung 2 wires in the frame and now I can hang my ear rings on it. I used a ribbon to hang it on the wall.

Before: Another larger brown frame without glass. I painted it white, put hooks at the top and now it holds my necklaces.


Libby said...

I love your new creations. You have inspired me to look around and see what I have. :-)

TheLudlows said...


Erin said...

Very creative! Evie is going to look so cute:)!

Kimberly said...

You seriously could open a store with those creations! Beautiful!

Sara said...


NealNews said...

yeah my wife is pretty awesome.

Erika Waters said...

I love the jewelry hangers...however, I think I'd need at last a 20x30 frame to hang all my babubles from...probably two...and where would you hang a thing like that?!
Hope y'all are doing well!